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Book #5 (new release .. 11/22/12) ... Dusty Sourdough and the Great Alaskan Adventure ... $14.99 the blink of an eye, the captain had one of the pearl-handled Colts out and leveled at the man he recognized as his first mate. "Hey" he shouted ...
Book #1 A Gift For Dusty
... Cautiously, he crawled in the opening, and instantly, he could see nothing. Fumbling in his possible bag he found a Lucifer and struck it on the rocky ceiling above his head ... without warning he heard a blood curdling roar, felt a sharp pain start at his head and go all the way down his left side.  A pool of blackness started coming over him, he tried to hang on but he felt himself slipping away ... and then nothing.  A Christmas story loved by the entire family.
Book #2 ... TRAIL TO WRANGELL ...
The ground violently pitched Dusty about like a rag doll, he grabbed for the log he had been standing close to, but it too was being tossed about. At that instant a cracking, grinding sound came to his ears and a cavernous crack opened at his feet. Looking down, Dusty saw cold murky water and realized the place he had chosen to rest wasn’t a clearing at all. ... It was a small lake!
Book #3 ... GOLD ...
The current was pulling at Dusty’s legs. It was a sucking feeling and he knew that it was about to pull him under. There wasn’t a thing he could do to stop it. The cold was numbing and his arms felt like lead. He struggled for one last deep breath as the surging water pulled him down. Down into what he thought would be his watery grave. ...
 Book #4... Fire ...
Out of habit Dusty checked his Winchester to make sure a round was in the chamber, and then eased himself forward, keeping out of view of the front window. It was obvious to Dusty, because of the ruckus Little Bear was causing on the porch, that whoever was inside---if anybody---was forewarned, so the element of surprise was not in Dusty’s favor. With these thoughts in mind, Dusty said to no one in particular, "Oh well," and he leaped to the porch, with his rifle at the ready. In an instant he was through the partially open door, ready for whatever consequence awaited him inside.
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Get gold fever, feel what it’s like to be chased by a griz or caught in a blinding snow storm. See Alaska through Dusty’s eyes . All this and more between the pages of the Adventures of Dusty Sourdough.
 Audio Book CDs
A Gift For Dusty Audio
Fully dramatized with great sound effects and character actors, forty-five minute cassette.
A Christmas story loved by the entire family, 1 CD (1 hr.)
Trail To Wrangell Audio
Full dramatization with great sound effects, two CDs (2 hrs.)
Full dramatization with great sound effects, two CDs (2 hrs.) 
Set Price (All 3 books, 5 CDs) 
Music CDs 
 Memories By Request
1. The Legend
2. Aura Lee
3. You’ve Got To Stand For Something
4. Can’t Help Falling In Love
5. My Father In Me
6. My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
7. Thank God For Kids
8. Amarillo By Morning
9. My Wish Came True
10. North To Alaska
11. God Bless The USA 
 Glory... The Reason For The Season (New Christmas Music)  
1. Christmas in Dixie    
2. Everyday Like Christmas
3. Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees                 
4. I Love To Be Home For Christmas                 

5. It’s Christmas Time

6. It’s Christmas Time All Over The World

7. My Christmas Dream

8. Silent Night

9. Glory 
 Just Find Jesus (New Country Gospel Release)
1. You Gotta Keep on Going      
2. It’s My Belief                         
3. The Master’s Call                   
4. I Sing For The King               
5. Calvery’s The Reason Why
6. Praise His Name
7. Just Who I Am 
8. Just Find Jesus
9. He’s Real 
10. I Love America
Here’s The Best Deal!... Music CD Set (All 3 of the above)
Prospector For God/Dusty Sourdough Live in Concert
Gospel music concert recorded live at Noon Day Baptist Church, Kennesaw, Georgia
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